Bikes Allowed on Buses

With a bike rack on all Umpqua Transit buses, you can make bike riding part of your regular commute. Bike and Ride is a great way to keep you and the environment in shape. Ride part way to work and finish your trip aboard a bus, or take the bus one way. A regular ride will help keep you in shape, and save you money on parking, gasoline and car maintenance. Plus biking and busing help lower traffic congestion and preserve air quality. Consider the Bike and Ride option for fun, too. Taking a bus to a park or bike path can make your trip safer and more fun.

Bikes are a first come, first served basis. Each bike rack can carry two or three single seat bicycles on a first come, first served basis. No tricycles, tandem bicycles or motor powered vehicles allowed.

The driver cannot load your bike for you, but they can help you by telling you how to load. Squeeze the handle to lower the rack, load your bike and the squeeze the handle again to raise the bike rack back into place.

Be careful when raising the bike rack as the front tire of your bike can spin and the handlebars can swing around.