Bus Rules


  • No unnecessary conversation with the driver while the bus is moving.
  • Please have exact fare or your pass ready before you board.
  • Front seats are reserved for the elderly or people with disabilities. Please vacate upon request.
  • No tobacco use or smoking allowed. This includes E-Cigarettes. Extinguish cigarettes and/or dispose of chew well before boarding.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs or criminal activity.
  • No disorderly conduct, harassment, threatening or offensive language.
  • Carry on packages must not exceed the equivalent, in size, of 4 grocery sized bags. Passenger must be able to carry all bags/packages on in one trip and contain them in their seating area.
  • Practice good personal hygiene. No repulsive odors that cause extreme discomfort to UTrans passengers or create a Health & Safety issue.
  • Firearms, weapons (including knives with blades exceeding 3 ½ inches) or flammable materials are prohibited.
  • No eating or drinking allowed (except water from bottles with sport cap or containers with a screw top lid). Finish open food and beverage before boarding.
  • No littering or spitting.
  • All passengers (except infants who are held) must wear shirt, shoes, pants/shorts, dress or comparable clothing on UTrans buses and in UTrans shelters.
  • Passengers must cover any exposed skin that may transmit communicable disease.
  • Keep your feet on the floor.
  • Strollers must be folded when the bus arrives at the stop and must not block access to any aisle or stairway.
  • Sit down quickly and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Service animals are welcome in our vehicles. Pets must ride in a pet carrier.

If your actions or behavior create a hazard or interfere with the safe operation of a UTrans bus you may be subject to removal, citation, or arrest.

Thank you for your assistance!