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Advertise on a traveling billboard

Transit ads stimulate immediate recognition. When you place your message on the side or back of a UTrans bus, it gets delivered far and wide, repeatedly each day, to riders, vehicular traffic and all the other potential customers it passes.

UTrans advertising is surprisingly affordable; an outstanding value that guarantees you that all-important repeat exposure.


12 UTrans buses and 2 vans travel the roads consistently from 6:30am – 7:30pm Monday thru Friday. Your ad will reach from Sutherlin to Canyonville and the greater Roseburg area on all major thoroughfares including I5 and Highway 99. For more information about the coverage area see route maps.

 Per Month AverageAnnually
Regular Riders9,317140,000+
Regular Miles24,100290,000
Paratransit Riders5857,000+
Paratransit Miles4,70056,338