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Public Engagement

STIF/STAC Committee 

The Committee shall seek input from the public on all projects proposed to receive STIF funds by means of public hearings and solicitation of written comments by posting to appropriate websites and social media.

STAC Membership RequirementsUPTD Fillable STIF STAC Application.pdfUPTD STIF/STAC ApplicationCoordinated Plan Adopted September 12, 2022DCTD Public Transportation Improvement Plan 2019-2021

See the STIF/STAC page for more information and documents.

STIF STAC Public Meeting Notice 

Umpqua Transit Master Plan

What is this project? 

We’re excited to start our Transit Master Plan (TMP) work this year. This plan will map out the ways that we can create a transit system for everyone, improve service, and connect people to the places they need to go. The plan will:

  • Assess the existing transit services and facilities.
  • Understand the bicycle and pedestrian network connections.
  • Look for ways to pay for future improvements and leverage existing state and federal funding.

We will want to hear from you throughout the project, but especially during key decision-points. We’ll post more information on this site as we move forward.

Why did this project take place? 

As our community grows and public needs change, we need to adjust the transportation systems and services. This project was an opportunity to gather public input regarding Public Transportation Services in Douglas County.  This plan will chart our future development so that we can be deliberate in our growth and ensure we meet the community’s needs effectively and cost-efficiently. In addition, Umpqua Public Transportation District needs a plan for future improvements to receive state transit funding dollars and leverage other funding sources.

Project Schedule 
Summer 2021Study and Understand Community Transportation Needs
Fall 2021Develop Plan to Address Community Needs
Winter 2021/2022Draft Transit Master Plan (TMP)
Early Spring 2022Share Draft TMP for Public Comments and Questions
Late Spring 2022Finalize TMP


Questions or comments? 

For questions or comments, please reach out to Cheryl Cheas UPTD General Manager.

Mailed comments can also be sent to: c/o TMP 3076 NE Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg, OR 97470.

Zero Emission Transition Plan