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Welcome to UPTD

We are the public transportation services operated by Umpqua Public Transportation District.  Our UTrans fixed routes provide hourly bus service to the cities of Roseburg, Winston and Sutherlin with less frequent trips to Dillard and Oakland.  We also provide Commuter service from Roseburg to the communities of  Myrtle Creek, Tri-City, Riddle and Canyonville.

Our Umpqua Rides services are shared-ride, public transportation services for people with disabilities that prevent them from using UTrans regular fixed route bus service for some or all of their trips. 

  • Umpqua Rides ParaTransit services operate during the same hours as the fixed route bus services in Roseburg, Winston and Sutherlin.  Service is available within ¾ of an air mile of the UTrans fixed route service.  Qualified riders receive a guaranteed ride if the ride is scheduled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the requested trip.  Same day ride requests are not guaranteed.
  • Umpqua Rides Dial A Ride services are available for trips that begin or end outside of the designated ParaTransit service area.  These services are scheduled on a space available basis and may be limited to transporting an individual to a bus stop to continue their trip.

We invite you to explore our website for complete information about these servicea which are available to anyone needing a lift within Douglas County. You’ll find our complete schedules, routes, fees, and other useful information.

UTrans and Umpqua Rides services are made possible through partnerships with city, county, state and federal agencies, area employers, and, of course most importantly, our riders.