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Riding UTrans

NEW Fares Effective 6/01/2024

New Fare Effective 6/01/2024Effective 6/01/2024
Fixed Route
One Way - Regular$1.00$1.50
One Way - Reduced Fare¹$0.50$.75
Day Pass$2.00$3.00
Kids 17 and Under²FREEFREE
Monthly Pass - Regular$25.00$40.00
Monthly Pass - Reduced¹$12.50$20.00
UCC Term Pass³$25.00$50.00
Paratransit Certified Client⁵FREEFREE
ParatransitEffective 6/01/2024
Per Trip$2.00$3.00
Dial-a-RideEffective 6/01/2024
Per Trip$1.00$5.00

UTrans offers a reduced fare program for $0.50 each direction.

  1. Reduced fare and day pass available to passengers aged 60+, medicare cardholders, or with a documented disability at any age. 
  2. High school students must present student ID to qualify for free fare.
  3. UCC pass is availabe to UCC students only. Passes must be purchased at the UCC Administration Office and are good for one term of college only. Valid student ID must be presented with pass to ride.
  4. Veterans ride free with VA ID or UPTD veterans pass. UPTD veterans pass must be obtained at the UPTD office.
  5. Paratransit clients must present UPTD paratransit ID to qualify for free fare.


ADA Accessible Buses 

All of our buses are ADA accessible with wheelchair lifts. Please note that each lift supports a maximum weight of 600 lbs, which includes the combined weight of the wheelchair and its occupant.

The wheelchair lifts are also helpful to people with walkers/canes or who have difficulty climbing stairs.

TTY and TRS users 

Dial 7-1-1 for Oregon Telecommunications Relay Service! A free public service for communication between standard (voice) users and persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled using text telephones (TTYs) or PCs via the Internet.

7-1-1 and other telephone numbers provided by Oregon TRS. For more information about TRS services visit

Bikes Allowed on Buses 

With a bike rack on all Umpqua Transit buses, you can make bike riding part of your regular commute. Bike and Ride is a great way to keep you and the environment in shape. Ride part way to work and finish your trip aboard a bus, or take the bus one way. A regular ride will help keep you in shape, and save you money on parking, gasoline and car maintenance. Plus biking and busing help lower traffic congestion and preserve air quality. Consider the Bike and Ride option for fun, too. Taking a bus to a park or bike path can make your trip safer and more fun.

Bikes are a first come, first served basis. Each bike rack can carry two or three single seat bicycles on a first come, first served basis. No tricycles, tandem bicycles or motor powered vehicles allowed.

The driver cannot load your bike for you, but they can help you by telling you how to load. Squeeze the handle to lower the rack, load your bike and the squeeze the handle again to raise the bike rack back into place.

Be careful when raising the bike rack as the front tire of your bike can spin and the handlebars can swing around.

Bus Rules 


  • No unnecessary conversation with the driver while the bus is moving.
  • Please have exact fare or your pass ready before you board.
  • Front seats are reserved for the elderly or people with disabilities. Please vacate upon request.
  • No tobacco use or smoking allowed. This includes E-Cigarettes. Extinguish cigarettes and/or dispose of chew well before boarding.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs or criminal activity.
  • No disorderly conduct, harassment, threatening or offensive language.
  • Carry on packages must not exceed the equivalent, in size, of 4 grocery sized bags. Passenger must be able to carry all bags/packages on in one trip and contain them in their seating area.
  • Practice good personal hygiene. No repulsive odors that cause extreme discomfort to UTrans passengers or create a Health & Safety issue.
  • Firearms, weapons (including knives with blades exceeding 3 ½ inches) or flammable materials are prohibited.
  • No eating or drinking allowed (except water from bottles with sport cap or containers with a screw top lid). Finish open food and beverage before boarding.
  • No littering or spitting.
  • All passengers (except infants who are held) must wear shirt, shoes, pants/shorts, dress or comparable clothing on UTrans buses and in UTrans shelters.
  • Passengers must cover any exposed skin that may transmit communicable disease.
  • Keep your feet on the floor.
  • Strollers must be folded when the bus arrives at the stop and must not block access to any aisle or stairway.
  • Sit down quickly and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Service animals are welcome in our vehicles. Pets must ride in a pet carrier.

If your actions or behavior create a hazard or interfere with the safe operation of a UTrans bus you may be subject to removal, citation, or arrest.

Thank you for your assistance!

Passenger Rules and Information 

Passenger Assistance: Driver may leave the bus to provide minimal passenger assistance in boarding and exiting the bus.

All passengers must pay a fare or prestent a ride ticket upong boarding the bus.

Children five and under ride for FREE!

UPTD Title VI Nondiscrimination and LEP PolicyUPTD Title VI / ADA Complaint Form