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Community Support

The future of UTrans is here!

In 2017, the Oregon Legislature approved a new Oregon law (HB 2017) called Keep Oregon Moving.

This bill has generated millions of dollars in new funding for transportation programs around the state of Oregon. Programs like UTrans. The passage of HB 2017 has led to the formation of a new non-taxing Transit District in Douglas County so the funds can be more strategically managed. Approximately $1 million will be coming to the Transit District in the first year. The new program is expected to generate as much as $3 million each year in future years.

In November, Douglas County voters elected a new 7-member Transit Oversite Committee. This group of citizens will need public input to decide how these funds will be used.

Funds from this new funding source could be used by UTrans to:

  • Increase frequency
  • Increase the area UTrans serves
  • Expanded hours
  • Expand Weekend service

We are encouraging everyone in Douglas County to let their friends and neighbors and fellow riders know about HB 2017 and the impact it will have on local transportation. Tell people why you ride UTrans, where you take the bus and how important UTrans is to your life.

Thank you for using UTrans and thank you for your support!

HB 2017 Fact SheetHB 2017 FAQs